IFHP – Copenhagen Lab

Talk and workshop on Airbnb policy

Airbnb and similar sharing platforms have a huge impact on the way we live, travel and perceive our homes. As the popularity of home sharing platforms grows, their effects move well beyond the individual household, challenging city authorities, traditional housing policies, tourism boards, rental markets and wider housing perspectives.

On October 27, 2016, I was invited to speak at the IFHP’s Copenhagen Lab, presenting the findings of our research project airbnbvsberlin.com as well as to detail the Berlin perspective and policy responses towards the Airbnb presence in the city. Besides presenting recent data and discussing the impact of Airbnb on different European cities, the event was a first step, in a series of labs that aim at exploring and analyzing the relationship between the Airbnb platform and Copenhagen’s housing market and tourism.

The event was held at the Underbroen urban production space and co-organized by Kraks Fond and the Copenhagen municipality.

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