HKW Mapping the city – Refugees and Digital Self Organization

Mapping the city workshop

Within the context of HKW’s Civil Society 4.0 – Refugees and Digital Self Organization congress in March 2016, together with the makers of “Arriving in Berlin“, Marizon Bilano and Seb Maier, I co-organized a mapping workshop on the potential of mapping (-technologies) in the context of digital self organization for refugees in Germany.

Mapping a space is the same as appropriating it. Many projects are digitally mapping the urban space as a method for visualization, empowerment and appropriation. The main question the workshop touched upon was: What communities and self-organized mapping projects have emerged in Berlin and Germany and how can these projects be set up for the long term?

About the congress:

Refugees, volunteers, activists, digital developers, theorists and artists gather to discuss tools and strategies for refugee’s self-organization. The situation in Germany is changing dramatically. New challenges are coming up. What needs to be done? What is important for empowerment and self-organization? In working groups, refugees and non-refugees activists and their supporters meet to analyze the current needs and develop responses.