Atlas of Subjective Transformation

See the interactive map here:


Urban landscapes change rapidly and people have different opinions and emotions about how these transformations affect their cities. While some people see urban transformations a source of growth and greater well-being, many perceive them as a threat to their daily lives. Rising rents and the gentrification of neighbourhoods have a strong impact on a city’s liveability.

Together with Moritz Ahlert, I created the »Atlas of Subjective Transformation« for the city of Leipzig. It seeks to capture perceived developments in the city in a crowd-sourced database. It allows anyone to input information about specific places that have undergone a transformation process that is deemed important. Subjective interpretation of this process is reflected in the visualization of these places through emojis 😀 and a 3D landscape.

The project was shown as an interactive map installation at the Glasfabrik Leipzig in September 2017 and still lives on the internet here