Dalia Research – Future mobility data dashboard

How the world moves

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The transportation system is on the verge of a rapid transformation. Electric vehicles are promising to de-carbonize car driving, smartphone-enabled solutions such as Uber and Zipcar are connecting supply and demand more efficiently, and driverless cars offer the potential to replace humans at the wheel.

Together with Jonas Parnow, I conceptualized, designed and developed an extensive data dashboard for Dalia Research, a fast-growing company in algorithmic market research, which has developed a mobile technology that grants a unique reach to people worldwide through web-devices.

The dashboard presents Dalia’s survey data on behaviors and attitudes towards future mobility solutions from more than 70 countries. The particular visualization challenge was to showcase different country indicators on a map and make it comparable through interactive dot charts in the sidebar, while at the same time displaying full (and sharable) country profiles on demand. The dashboard is built on React and d3.js and is fully-responsive on all devices.

The data for this study was created in collaboration with more than a dozen leading researchers in the field, to understand how new technology solutions will shape the future of mobility and transportation. The MIT Energy Initiative is using this dataset for a large study called  “Mobility of the Future” .